Documentary Film Making and Groups

Topics and groups:

There will be six different topics/groups that will each produce a 10-12 minute documentary on a particular aspect of the era. They are:

Carl Stokes election as Mayor of Cleveland in 1968. He was the first African-American elected mayor of a major U.S. city.

Director: Cook

Camera/Sound/AD: Pajak

Writer: Glassman

Research: Conklin

GEAR – the Gay Education and Awareness Resources Foundation in Cleveland founded in the 1970s, was an important organization in the LGBTQ community.

Director: Black

Camera/Sound/AD: Powers

Writer: LeMay

Research: Jones

The 1969 Cuyahoga River Fire. The event that many believe helped launch the modern environmental movement

Director: Lorbach

Camera/Sound/AD: Zagales

Writer: Shadbolt

Research: Daigle

The 1970s Akron/Cleveland Punk Scene. One of America’s most interesting music scenes.

Director: Joyner

Camera/Sound/AD: Logan

Writer: Hood

Research: Rabaut


The strike at the GM plant in Lordstown. One of the most important labor conflicts of the 1970s.

Director: Galle

Camera/Sound/AD: Henegar

Writer: Hitlan

Research: Tuten

roles within groups:

Although everyone in each group will contribute in a variety of different ways, there will be certain roles that one person will serve as the lead. These include: director, screenwriter, camera operator, editor, sound technician, researcher. Groups will determine their own composition.

Basic requirements for the documentary:

Although no two documentaries will be the same and I encourage each group to create its own style and approach there are certain requirements that each documentary should contain. These include: a compelling story, interesting characters, original footage (live action shots), archival footage (which would include photographs), narration, interviews, quotes, scholarly interviews, music (both period and atmospheric), a point of view, and a demonstration of solid research.

Film Festival/final:

Rather than a final exam we will host a film festival where we will publicly exhibit our films. There will be juried prizes and Q&A sessions following each film.