Intellectual Engagement Opportunities

Several times during the semester, I will post on this page events that you may attend and write up a brief summary. You may then turn in that summary (one-page) and add five points to your total quiz points. You may do this up to five times.

2/25 7:30 Gault Recital Hall: Arturo Sarukhan, “Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: The Strategic Relationship between the U.S. and Mexico”

Intellectual Engagement Opportunities

Remember attend any of these events (or others like them with approval) and write up a one-page summary and I will add in five points to your overall quiz grade.

2/15. 7:30 Courageous Conversations: Living the Vision: What We Wish We Knew Then That We Know Now (Babcock Formal Lounge)

2/15. 7:30 Recital Saturday with Thomas Wood and Brian Dykstra  (Gault Recital Hall of Scheide Music Center)

2/20 Thursday 8:00 Rev. Jimmie Hawkins: Of Faith and Justice (Lean Lecture hall)

2/21 6:00 MiSTEM film screening: Something the Lord Made-

2/21 7:30 Wooster Symphony Orchestra Concert  Scheide Music Center (Gault Recital Hall)

2/22 7:30 Wooster Symphony Orchestra Concert  Scheide Music Center – (Gault Recital Hall)

2/25 7:30 Great Decisions Lecture by Ambassador Arturo Surakhan (Scheide Music Center)

2/26 7:30 We Can’t Keep Quiet: A Benefit Concert for One Eighty  (Scheide Music Center – Gault Recital Hall)

2/27 730 James Hannaham Book Reading  (Williams Hall 045)

2/27  8:15pm Silent Sky (theater performance)  (Freedlander Theatre)

2/27 7:30 Rebecca Futo Kennedy,  “The Ancient Roots of Modern Scientific Racism” (Lean  Lecture Hall)

2/29 8:15pm Silent Sky (theater performance)  (Freedlander Theatre)

2/28 6:30 Natural Body Care featuring the Hippie Chemist (Williams 060)

3/1 2:30 Scot Symphonic Band Concert  (McGaw Chapel)

3/3 7:30 Great Decisions Lecture by Alan Bersin –  (Scheide Music Center)

3/4 7:30  LuAnn Wandsnider, “The Power of Heritage Narratives: Familial Resilience, Solomon Butcher, and the “Western Push and Energy” Heritage Narrative in 19th c. Custer County, Nebraska” (Lean Lecture Room)

3/31 7:30  Ahmad S.M. Emrage, “Libya’s Antiquities at Risk: Issues and Solutions” (Lean Lecture Hall)

4/16 7:30 Marcus Milwright, “Before the Railway: Trade and the Syrian Hajj in the Mamluk and Ottoman Periods”